Family Tree Introduction

Family Tree is a Detroit based nonprofit created by Patricia Pearson in 1998 with the mission of helping people with housing needs.  In the beginning the organizations main mission was to boost the self-esteem of young women, but has expanded to helping Detroiters fulfill the dream of home ownership. Housing has been a problem in this city and we serve to break down those barriers preventing people from experiencing the security of home ownership.  We are a Housing and Urban Development approved counseling agency, and we operate under the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.
One service that we provide is assistance in helping to buy a home.  We offer up to $7,500 to help reduce the cost of buying a home.  Also we have a convenient-home buyer online classes to provide knowledge on what new home buyers can expect after buying a home.
Another important service that we provide is financial literacy.  The subjects that are not covered in the financial literacy umbrella is financial planning, budgeting, investing, money management, insurance, and career advice.  We even offer financial literacy for youth covering such topics as decision making, independent living, cars and budgeting, and the influence of advertising.
We go in depth on the subject of financial literacy with a step-by-step process to make sure people know the ins and outs of home ownership.  We make sure clients understand real estate contracts, get support from a lender, choosing mortgages, home inspections, and home maintenance.  We also cover complex number issues such as taxes escrow, and debt to income ratio.
Probably the most important service we offer is foreclosure prevention.  Our staff is supportive and  will provide useful advice to help people stay in their home.  Together we will come up with solutions that will allow people to keep their dream of home ownership.
The most fulfilling program we run is the Diamond Girls.  We go into schools and help guide kids on important life skills such as self esteem, character building, leadership skills and relationship advice for girls ages 7-21.
In future post we will provide detailed information on the state of housing in Detroit.  In order to effectively tackle the subject we have to discuss the state of the community.  Also we will get more detail, along with testimonials on how we have helped the community stay strong.  If you or anyone you know is in need of our services do not hesitate to contact us.
Our address is 615 Griswold, Suite 1709, Detroit, MI 48226.
Our phone number is 313-557-4049.

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