Improvised Living Arrangements

When housing issues are discussed, most of topics covered center around homeownership, tax deductions, and using new homes built as a barometer for economic stability.  One issue that is not covered enough that disproportionately affects younger people is the issue of affordability.  Due to changing circumstances, many young people have decided to cluster together under … More Improvised Living Arrangements

Local Solutions

One idea that comes to mind that would help the situation of alleviating the problems of affordable housing for low-income people is a housing trust fund. In a story from the magazine In These Times from Rachael Cohen, she reports on a possible solution that could be beneficial to people in urban communities. This is … More Local Solutions

Family Tree Introduction

Family Tree is a Detroit based nonprofit created by Patricia Pearson in 1998 with the mission of helping people with housing needs.  In the beginning the organizations main mission was to boost the self-esteem of young women, but has expanded to helping Detroiters fulfill the dream of home ownership. Housing has been a problem in … More Family Tree Introduction